Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jane's Tree Change

As our clients and friends of Boheem know, Jane never does things by halves. After working with us for over two years as studio manager, she's moving on to a very different and possibly greater challenge: she's picking up and moving out of Sydney to live on 100 acres just inland from Port Maquarie... and is due to have her 2nd child in about 5 weeks – just as the boxes are unpacked. Big changes ahead... and we're all really excited for her.

Jane contributed so much to the studio in the time that she was here. She brought energy and wisdom to the workplace, and was always prepared to jump in to any project to make it work (and delivered on time). All of our clients and suppliers warmed to and enjoyed working with her: the constant stream of flowers and gifts coming through the door on her last day was testament to that. She'll be greatly missed.

Watch this space for an introduction to our new studio manager, Bec Plummer.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Welcome Katherine

We've had a little growth at Boheem. Katherine (aka 'Kat') Johnson joined us a couple of months ago, and we thought it was high time she got a proper introduction on our blog. Kat studied at Enmore TAFE and has just recently graduated. She was recommended to us by our friend Jacqueline Hill, a lecturer at the college (thank you Jacqueline!!). Kat has a good handle on all things concept development, and has a particular strength for hand-drawn design. Check out her portfolio at

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Curiouser and Curiouser

What do you get when you combine charming children's stories, tasty tea (fair trade at that) and beautiful typography? Clipper Teas... of course. Here's a new little range our favourite tea company has just launched, and it's just one sample suite from a much bigger collection – all lovely and enchanting. See more at their website here: and keep an eye out on your local supermarket shelves.