Thursday, March 11, 2010

St John Ambulance Interiors

Boheem have recently been responsible for the design and production management of the interior graphics at the new St John Ambulance headquarters. Our concept was "Hands that help", a tribute to the life-saving efforts of St John, and each design element was hand-written or hand-made.

For the cafeteria areas (top), we covered the walls with charming watercolour trees, hand-drawn creatures and foliage. These spaces are wonderfully bright and fun, and with astro-turf flooring and timber park-bench style seating, it's a great break away from the usual corporate social areas. The glass wall decals (middle) which provide privacy between rooms was treated with a very subtle continuous line of scribbly text reading "hands that help". Finally, the walls of the the staff working areas were decorated with a tile acrylic artwork (above). We wanted the staff members to feel a sense of ownership over their new space, so each person was given a few tiles to decorate. It was a great team building experience where the staff were given the opportunity to add their own 'creative input'.

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