Monday, April 5, 2010

Week 1 in London...

...what a joy. Who knew that under that looming dark grey sky stood a city full of typographic surprises that would blow me away. Everywhere I look I see a poster, a shopfront or a typeface that makes my heart skip a beat. It's obvious to me now why London has a strong reputation for cutting-edge, smart design. And something about the juxtaposition of huge block type faces against the old vintage buildings and cobblestone alleys works so wonderfully. It makes me smile.

I took these photos walking down Carnaby Street (near Oxford Circus) where I was exchanging a pair of boots. I admit that the shopping in this city gives me just as much joy as the design does! 'Sketch Book' is one of the few 'pop-up shops' I've come across in London –there's plenty of them. Shops that stand for a month or so to promote creativity or express a social/political voice. I love that places like this exist in between the clothes shops –that creative culture is embraced here and made a part of everyday life. It inspires me.

This coming week, I'm heading to the Eastern side of London for an edgier, more gritty view of London. Fingers crossed I come across some Bansky.

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