Thursday, July 22, 2010

On the ball

I have developed an interest recently in fonts with 'ball terminals', having used script font 'Bellevue' recently in some body cream packaging for One Seed organic fragrances. It led me to the discovery of Jessica Hische's font, 'Buttermilk' – a bold and feminine script typeface which can be purchased from

I've seen a couple of reviews out there about font designer Jessica Hische, where people seem to have found themselves in an expected state of delighted euphoria, having explored this particular young woman's portfolio. Her work is inspiring in every way: it makes me want to own it, see more, be better and somehow one day make her my best friend. She produces a constantly rich and quirky stream of new ideas – daily, in fact, at her blog ( where she offers the world a new drop cap every day to enjoy.

Jessica's portfolio is online at

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