Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Farewell Glenda

Today we heard the very sad and shocking news that our team member and dear friend Glenda Duncan passed away earlier this week. Glenda was our extremely diligent book keeper and worked with us in the studio every Tuesday for about five years. She looked after the accounts here at Boheem, and I like to think we did an ok job at looking after her too. This picture is a painting Glenda finished in June this year. Its title is "Viva La Vida" which means "Live Life".

We are so sad she is gone and will miss her hugely.


  1. was this Glenda Duncan in her 50's? and originally from New Zealand? her mother die the end of last year? i know that these are rather bazaar questions but i have just been informed of the death of my aunt in Australia and your post is the only relevant one that came up.
    she was my mothers sister, my mum died when we were children and apart from my grandmother we pretty much lost contact with mums family ..if this painting is by my aunt i would love to see any others you have images of.. my grandma was a painter, i am a sculptor.. i would love to find out more about my mums sister .. i was saddened to hear of her death ... if i have the wrong Glenda i am truly sorry to trouble you

  2. Hi Ange. Yes, our Glenda must have been your Aunt. I unfortunately don't have any more pictures of her paintings but I've seen them in her house and they're incredible. She went to art classes every week. Would love to chat, call me any time on the number below.