Monday, October 10, 2011

The Distillery Letterpress Excursion

On my past few visits to New York City, I have paid a visit to Greenwich Letterpress in the West Village (visit their blog I have wondered why we didn't have a similar printing press/store in Sydney, this was true until now.

Last Thursday evening, Chantel, Kat, Mei, Jo and I went on excursion to the grand opening of The Distillery Letterpress in North Sydney.

The smell of ink greeted us, and after a short demonstration where we saw the 1959 Heidelberg Windmill Press in motion we were sold! There is a special place for letterpress in every graphic designers heart, the textured, pillowy paper subtly debossed brings design to life.

We were impressed by the team at The Distillery, they really seemed to know their stuff - and their passion for the fine art of letterpress was inspiring.

To put it simply, letterpress printers are to printing what artisan bread makers are to baking - yum!

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