Monday, May 7, 2012

ERD Communications

Don't know if this is quite the platform to be promoting other design studios, but these guys are awesome and they're in Melbourne anyway, so I'm doing it.

I attended the DIA Masterclass seminar day recently, following an invitation from my lovely friend and lecturer at Enmore Take, Jacqueline Hill. Didn't get to be there for the whole day, but received some pearls of wisdom from the very clever and creative Rosanna Di Rossi, Creative Director of ERD. She shared about a series of bill posters (shown) they did to get attention one week in Melbourne when they were pitching for a big job. She talked about how important it is for designers to actually read the copy they are laying out – sounds like an obvious one, but sometimes we do skim and miss some of the important stuff. I was really inspired by the depth of concept they showed in their publications, and I'm looking forward to exploring new opportunities this year with our clients where we can try some new ideas. My aim is to be making work which raises eyebrows and makes people say 'oh that's SO clever!'.

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