Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Little Book of Big Gift Ideas

January. My new year's resolution is to keep the Boheem portfolio up to date.

Hmm. I wonder how I'll go with that. 

Well anyway to kick things off I thought I'd share a project we worked on late last year with Baptist World Aid. We love this organisation and the people in it, and this brief was a fantastic challenge and one for which we delivered what we believe was a great result.

Baptist World Aid have undergone a rebrand in the last year or so, and as part of this they wanted their pre-Christmas gift donation promotion to be something special. This project was a lot of fun, and we benefitted from working with a team who wholeheartedly trusted our direction and vision for it. 

Our concept of having a very small book named "The Little Book of Big Gift Ideas", featuring artwork inspired by vintage children's book classics was welcomed as creative approach within the now fairly saturated market of overseas aid gift catalogues. The book has been a huge success and the illustrations by our very clever intern, Mia Crow have proven very popular. 

We were involved in every facet of this campaign to get it off the ground: beyond the book there were envelopes, posters, promo cards, advertisements, sales material as well as online marketing including digital design for the website and Facebook page. Have a look at the online store here.

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